(Esox masquinongy)

Mitchill, 1824; ESOCIDAE FAMILY; also called maskinonge, muskallonge, muskie, musky, 'lunge, silver muskellunge, Great Lakes muskellunge, Ohio muskellunge, spotted muskellunge, barred muskellunge, great muskellunge, great pike, blue pike, etc. Occasionally, it is referred to as a “jack” in some areas. It is endemic to the northeastern United States, throughout the area of the Great Lakes south to Georgia, and north to Quebec (St. Lawrence Seaway) and Ontario in Canada. It has been introduced into Manitoba west of Lake Winnipeg. It rarely ventures far from cover, and prefers shallow, heavily...Read More

Line ClassWeightLocationCatch DateAnglerRecord DetailsHistory Details
All-Tackle30.61 kg (67 lb 8 oz)Lake Court Oreilles, Hayward, Wisconsin, USA24-Jul-1949Cal JohnsonRecord DetailsHistory Details