peacock, speckled
(Cichla temensis)

Humbolt, 1821; CICHLIDAE FAMILY; also known as pavón cinchado, pavón pintado, pavón trucha, tucunare, and pavón venado The speckled peacock is a world-class warm-water sportfish native to South America’s Orinoco and Amazon River Basins. It has been introduced into other countries and is established in southeastern Florida as a result of a deliberate introduction made in 1985. Adult speckled peacocks are distinguished by blotches on the opercula and three vertical black bars on the body which become more pronounced with age. Another color phase may have 4-6 horizontal rows of light colored...Read More
LengthLocationCatch DateAnglerRecord DetailsHistory Details
89 cmPreto River, Barcelos, Brazil20-Sep-2014Carlos Yoshizaki DiniRecord DetailsHistory Details
89 cmSanto Isabel do Rio Negro, Brazil22-Sep-2015Luiz GussoRecord DetailsHistory Details
90 cmSanta Isabel, Rio Negro, Brazil10-Oct-2015Ednaldo Camacho LazarinRecord DetailsHistory Details
90 cmRio Yatua, Venezuela28-Nov-2015Rafael F. LlamozasRecord DetailsHistory Details