carp, grass
(Ctenopharyngodon idella)

(Valenciennes, 1844); CYPRINIDAE FAMILY; also called amur, white amur, sôgyo, carpa erbivora, graskarpfen Grass carp are native to rivers of China and Eastern Siberia (Amur River system) that flow into the Pacific Ocean between latitudes 50o to 23 o N. They have been widely introduced around the world for aquatic weed control and aquaculture purposes. Because of the potential negative impact of the fast-reproducing grass carp on sport fish, sterile (triploid) grass carp were developed. Fertilized eggs are shocked with hot or cold water or with pressure, causing them to retain an extra set...Read More
LengthLocationCatch DateAnglerRecord DetailsHistory Details
102 cmSenba River, Hyogo, Japan29-Aug-2013Junichi InadaRecord DetailsHistory Details
102 cmSenba River, Hyogo, Japan06-May-2014Junichi InadaRecord DetailsHistory Details
102 cmNagara River, Mie, Japan25-Mar-2016Shinji TakahashiRecord DetailsHistory Details