tuna, yellowfin
(Thunnus spp.)

(Bonnaterre, 1788); SCOMBRIDAE FAMILY; also called Allison tuna Occurs worldwide in deep, warm temperate oceanic waters. It is both pelagic and seasonally migratory, but has been known to come fairly close to shore. Most large yellowfins have overextended second dorsal and anal fins that may reach more than halfway back to the tail base in some large specimens. In smaller specimens under about 60 lb (27 kg) and in some very large specimens as well, this may not be an accurate distinguishing factor since the fins do not appear to be as long in all specimens. The pectoral fins in adults reach...Read More

Line ClassWeightLocationCatch DateAnglerRecord DetailsHistory Details
All-Tackle193.68 kg (427 lb 0 oz)Cabo San Lucas, Mexico18-Sep-2012Guy YocomRecord DetailsHistory Details