shark, tiger
(Galeocerdo cuvier)

(Peron and Lesueur, 1822); CARCHARHINIDAE FAMILY; also called leopard shark Occurs worldwide in tropical and warm temperate seas, but has been found during the summer season as far north as Massachusetts in the western Atlantic and Iceland in the eastern Atlantic. The tiger shark can be readily identified by its cockscomb shaped, serrated teeth, which are recurvate and deeply notched on the inner margin. The teeth are the same in both jaws. The first two of the five gill slits are above the pectoral fin. There is a long, prominent keel along either side of the caudal peduncle. The young...Read More

Line ClassWeightLocationCatch DateAnglerRecord DetailsHistory Details
All-Tackle807.4 kg (1780 lb 0 oz)Cherry Grove, South Carolina, USA14-Jun-1964Walter MaxwellRecord DetailsHistory Details
All-Tackle810 kg (1785 lb 11 oz)Ulladulla, Australia28-Mar-2004Kevin James ClapsonRecord DetailsHistory Details