(Hucho hucho)

(Linnaeus, 1758); SALMONIDAE FAMILY;also called huchon, Danube salmon, Danube trout, sulec, mladica Endemic to Europe, where it is restricted to the Danube River and its tributaries, and occasionally in lakes within the Danube basin. It also occurs in the basin of the Prut River. Introduced into other European rivers early in the 1900's, it was largely unsuccessful. In the Thames River in England it was established at least until the 1930's. Some believe it still exists there with a few being caught each year but misidentified as brown trout (Salmo trutta). Unlike the brown trout and the...Read More

Line ClassWeightLocationCatch DateAnglerRecord DetailsHistory Details
All-Tackle34.8 kg (76 lb 11 oz)Gemeinde Spittal/Drau, Austria19-Feb-1985Hans OffermannsRecord DetailsHistory Details