grouper, goliath
(Epinephelus itajara)

(Lichtenstein, 1822); SERRANIDAE FAMILY; also called spotted jewfish, southern jewfish, junefish, Florida jewfish, jewfish Known to occur in the western Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico and the West Indies. It is also known in the eastern Pacific from Costa Rica to Peru. This species is usually found inside of the 12 fathom bottom contour, though it may occur in deeper waters. It favors areas near rocky shores and islands, reefs, ledges, dock and bridge pilings, and wrecks, where caves and holes offer refuge. The goliath grouper is the largest of the...Read More

Line ClassWeightLocationCatch DateAnglerRecord DetailsHistory Details
All-Tackle308.44 kg (680 lb 0 oz)Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA20-May-1961Lynn JoynerRecord DetailsHistory Details