catfish, sharptooth
(Clarias gariepinus)

(Burchell 1822); CLARIIDAE FAMILY; also called North African catfish, kambali, skerptandbaber, baber, mlamba, harlei, Probably the most widely distributed fish in Africa, the sharptooth catfish is found throughout woodland-savanna zones of the Afro-tropical region from the Nile to as far south as the Orange system and the Umtamvuna. It has been translocated to the eastern Cape widely introduced to other parts of Africa and to Europe and Asia, including the countries of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. The body of the sharptoothed catfish is strongly compressed towards the caudal...Read More

Line ClassWeightLocationCatch DateAnglerRecord DetailsHistory Details
All-Tackle42.18 kg (93 lb 0 oz)Orange River, Kakamas, South Africa23-Apr-2003Hennie MollerRecord DetailsHistory Details