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crappie, black
(Pomoxis nigromaculatus)

(Lesueur, 1829); CENTRARCHIDAE FAMILY; also called calico bass, papermouth, bachelor perch Native to most of the eastern half of the U.S.A., the black crappie has stocked throughout been so extensively transplanted that today it almost entirely blankets the U.S. and reaches up into southern Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec in Canada. It is only noticeably scarce in a swathe of the midwest stretching from western Texas up through Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and western Montana, and even these states have black crappies either along their borders or in limited internal areas....Read More
Record Details
AnglerJohn R. Horstman
Weight of Fish 2.26 kg (5 lbs 0 oz)
Length of Fish 48.26 cm ( 19 in)
Girth of Fish cm ( in)
Location of CatchPrivate Lake
Date of Catch4/21/2006
Type of Rodeagle claw
Type of Reelzebco
Type of Lineexcel
Line Size14 lb
Method of Catchcasting
Lure or Baitminnow

Species Location Lake, MO