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(Sander vitreus)

(Mitchell, 1818); PERCIDAE FAMILY; also called yellow walleye, pike perch, walleyed pike perch, walleyed pickerel, yellow pickerel, yellow pike, yellow pike perch, walleye pike This wide ranging North American species occurs from the Hudson Bay east to the St. Lawrence River, south to the Gulf coast of Alabama, and northwest of the Hudson Bay from Manitoba through the western Northwest Territories (including Great Slave and Great Bear Lakes) to the Beaufort Sea on the border of the Yukon Territory. In eastern drainages from Massachusetts southward it occurs all the way to the coast. It...Read More
Record Details
AnglerMabry Harper
Weight of Fish 11.34 kg (25 lbs 0 oz)
Length of Fish 104.14 cm ( 41 in)
Girth of Fish 73.66 cm ( 29 in)
Location of CatchOld Hickory Lake
Date of Catch8/2/1960
Type of RodBetts
Type of ReelPflueger
Type of LinePflueger
Line Size 
Method of Catch 
Lure or BaitBait

Species Location Old Hickory Lake, TN